30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Fourth World Swimwear has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You’ll get your money back in any of these cases:

  • You received the wrong size.
  • You received the wrong color.
  • Your shipment wasn’t delivered.
  • You aren't satisfied with the product.



You must have your order number. This is in your purchase confirmation email.

You also must have proof that the size or color is different from what you ordered, or an explanation for why you weren’t satisfied with the product. If you did not receive the shipment, you must confirm the correct shipping address.



Email support@fourthworldswimwear.com with the proper information listed under “Qualifications”.

If you received the wrong size or color, Fourth World Swimwear will ship the correct color or size to you at no extra cost. If the correct color or size isn’t available, your order will be refunded.

If your shipment wasn’t delivered, Fourth World Swimwear will refund your order.

If you weren’t satisfied with your swimwear, Fourth World Swimwear will refund your order.



Thirty (30) days after you receive your shipment, your purchase becomes final and can no longer be refunded.